Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sesame Street Party

I designed this super fun Sesame Street Party for my 2-year old daughter. She loves the show so it was an obvious choice for her birthday party theme. I made everything. The signs, the pom poms, the wreath, the footprints, sugar cookies, and the dirty brownies. The sesame street cake was made by a local bakery. The kids wandered through Sesame Street playing with the activity for each character. Elmo's World had a lounge area and an easel stocked with fruity smelling markers. The kids could draw through own picture. At Big Bird's Nest, the kids searched through buckets of fabric strips to find eggs filled with candy. At Cookie Monster's Play Doh Kitchen, the kids made play doh creations and baked them in the play doh oven. At Abby Cadabby's Dress-up Corner, the kids put on silly clothes and looked at themselves in front of a cheval mirror. As a special treat, the kids got a chance to be a member of Oscar's Trash Can Band.




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