Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Little Sunshine Party

I made the invitations using packages of flower seeds from the dollar store (6 for $1), burlap fabric cut into squares, and ribbon. I customized the "You Are My Sunshine" printables I purchased from Dimpleprints for displaying the party details.

I made the tissue pom poms using super easy instructions from Martha Stewart.

It's so easy to throw a party on a budget if you give yourself a few months to shop for your theme. I found the large pinwheels and sunflower fly swatters at the dollar store, and I found the orange flower pots, yellow watering can, and frilly yellow garland from the dollar bins at Target. I prepared the fruit kabobs and made my favorite fruit dip recipe. I also prepared the veggies and used veggie dip from the store. Putting them in individual-size containers that I found at a party store made them so cute. I prepared and assembled the sunshine mix favors. I love the way they turned out in the little burlap sacks. I found the large pinwheel lollipops at Walmart for $1 each! The smash cake was from the grocery store and and the cupcakes were made by a local bakery, Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe. I made everything else: the banner, name sign, cake bunting, cupcake toppers, party hats, centerpieces, drinking jars, and favors using the printable package from Dimpleprints.

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  1. Tasha, your party is SOOO stinking cute. Care if we feature it over at DimplePrints?

    Abbey @ DimplePrints