Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stars and Stripes Party

Happy 4th of July! Our stars and stripes party felt like summertime in a cone! The main feature on the dessert table was cupcake cones. I went a little crazy and made two different types: soft serve and sundae. All my hard work paid off when the kids at our party and even some of the adults thought that they were actual ice cream cones. They were a huge hit and not as messy as real ice cream cones or even traditional cupcakes. I was inspired by the sundae cupcake idea from And Everything Sweet. I borrowed the pie in a jar idea and free printables from Simply Creative Insanity. I used my own apple pie recipe and canned cherry pie filling. I love the way they turned out! I'm convinced that you can stick any old dessert in a jar, tie on a ribbon and a spoon, and you have something almost too cute to eat. They were perfect take-home favors and tasted great warmed up in the microwave (without the lid, of course!).

My favorite detail of this party was the teeny tiny little clothespins I found at the dollar store. Don't they look adorable holding the favor bags on the line of twine? The favor bags were filled candy necklace supplies: a string of red, white, and blue yarn; a bag of Cars cereal (red and natural colored); and a few strings of sour candy rope.

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  1. Such a great set up! Thanks for the mention and link back to my blog for the printables!