Saturday, November 19, 2011

Advent Calendar Stockings

I made this advent calendar by hanging Christmas stockings (I found in the dollar bin at Michael's--Score!) on twine attached to the mantle. Each stocking is filled with a family activity or good deed to do each day of December. You could slide a printed number for each day under the clothespin, but I prefer the look of just the stockings.

Keep reading for the list of family activities and good deeds I included in our calendar. You could customize the list to fit your own family traditions.

1. Make ornaments for grandparents
2. Family Wii night
3. Pick out food to give to food bank
4. Family crazy-dance to Christmas tunes night
5. Family Movie Night--Elf 
6. Christmas colors bath night 
7. Wrap one of your toys and take it to homeless shelter kids
8. Make up our own Christmas stories and tell them aloud
9. Make gifts for teachers
10. Write letter to Santa
11. Family board game night
12. Bake treats for neighbors
13. Nativity night/Christmas scripture
14. Family Movie Night--Polar Express
15. Sit on Santa's lap
16. Do a good deed day (hug, compliment, big helper)
17. Anonymously give Christmas plant to someone
18. Drive around to see Christmas lights
19. Anonymously shovel the walk and porch of a neighbor
20. Leave notes for Daddy all over the house
21. Tell three people Merry Christmas today
22. Hold the door open for everyone today
23. Make cookies for Santa 
24. Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas           


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