Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grinchy Christmas Mantle

The transformation of our Family Room to Whoville and the Grinch continues. I finished the mantle and am proud to say I made everything on it myself, except for the Tree (I found that little Whoville masterpiece at a local boutique) and the stockings themselves (I found those in the dollar bin at Michael's). I designed the Grinch art and had it printed on a faux canvas. Then I just added a little ribbon embellishment. The Grinch letter frames were inspired by a tutorial I saw on another blog but can no longer remember which one it was. (No worries. It's easy. Just cut a piece of scrapbook paper the size of your frame and slide it on top of the glass but underneath the frame itself. Then, glitter blast some wooden letters and glue them to the paper. You can still re-use the frames for another project later! FYI: I found those white frames at the Dollar store ready to go.) The poor Max doll that ended up mounted was inspired by a tutorial on Dollar Store Crafts.

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