Friday, November 11, 2011

Pirate Birthday Party! Arrrg!

 It was a blast planning this swashbuckling pirate party with my 5-year-old son. He had a few important requests, which I was sure to make happen. It's why I'm planning these parties!  He was especially excited about all of the spookier parts of the party. The activities included a photo treasure hunt and a rowdy marshmallow pirate battle.

Yes! That IS a shark strung up in a fishing net. It was my son's idea, and I loved it!

For the place markers, I printed skull and crossbones on paper bags using my printer. I then attached each child's official pirate name tag to the bag with a mini clothespin. 

While the kids were waiting for all the guests to arrive, they colored their pirate bananas with fabric markers.

We went a little gruesome with the desserts. It goes without saying that pirates are typically missing at least one eye. We found where the eyeballs have been collecting. The kids loved these homemade bloodshot eyes rice krispie treats.  You can find the tutorial for them at Smashed Peas and Carrots.

The cake is super easy. You can find the tutorial at Family Fun.

It wouldn't be a pirate party (or one that my son approved of) without spooky elements. Hence, the pirate sword and bloody cupcake toppers. There were also chocolate coin toppers and homemade white chocolate skull toppers. I used box cake for the cupcakes and homemade butter-cream frosting. The frosting IS the most important part. Period. (My son and I are simpatico on this issue for sure.)

 I like to include at least one healthy item on the dessert table, but of course, it must be presented in a fun way to compete with the more sugary options. I think we accomplished this with the watermelon pirate ships. I piled balled melon inside of waffle bowls. I attached licorice bites I found at a local candy store with frosting for the windows and added some pirate flag toothpicks. 

The cupcake stands were so easy to make. You can find the tutorial at Everything Sweet. (I was able to cut out a step by finding candlesticks at the dollar store that had the perfect finish. No need to paint!)

It wouldn't be a pirate party without tattoos and mustaches. Pirate names are also a must. We displayed all of them in a boat bookcase flanked by a homemade sign. I made the sign with leftover cardboard and a sharpie.

For the treasure hunt, I hid photo clues in these envelopes that I embellished with skull and cross-bone cork board and a number for each clue.

Little pirates and their mommies cannot go home without collecting their loot!. We left some Pirate Booty snacks and pirate coloring books out for guests to take with them as they departed.  (I found the coloring books at the dollar store. What a bargain! They included tons of stickers as well. I love the dollar store! Among the junk, there is always treasure.)

I'm a big fan of leaving something on the front door for guests to see as they arrive at a party. I think it sets the tone for the theme. I made the "x" marks the spot sign for the front door by wrapping pieces of fabric around some leftover foam core. Then, I just glued on some extra decor pieces from the party and added the dollar store Enter if You Dare sign at the top.

Arrg! Me Mateys!

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